Moisturising Shampoo

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Moisturising Shampoo

Moisturising Shampoo 250ml
74% Certified Organic Ingredients
99% Naturally Derived Ingredients
Vitaman's Moisturising Shampoo is perfect for dry hair and scalps. It nourishes, hydrates and strengthens dry, damaged hair and repairs flaky scalps.
Most products today contain Purified Aqua (Water) as the base ingredient. We wanted our products to be exponentially better – so we replaced water with antioxidant-rich Organic White Tea giving our products the strongest "pollution fighting" base.
Vitaman ingredients have
NO parabens
NO glycols
NO artificial colours or fragrances
NO mineral oil
NO petrolatum
NO ethanol
NO lanolin
NO phthalates
Key Features

Suitable for normal-to-dry hair and scalp
Strengthens and hydrates dry, brittle, or sun-damaged hair
Aloe Vera extract controls frizz to make hair more manageable
Great for dry hair or hair that is prone to damage caused by exposure to sun, salt or pool water or chemically treated hair.
Quandong Seed Oil is high in Protein and Vitamin C to treat itchy, dry skin/scalps controlling irritation and inflammation
Unique plant extracts of Quandong Seed, Aloe Vera, Cedarwood, Citric Acid and Wheat Protein provide anti-inflammatory properties to control scalp irritations
Refreshing natural earthy aroma of Patchouli & Cedarwood

Key Ingredients
White Tea Leaf- White tea is similar to green tea, however it has more powerful anti-oxidant properties. The ingredients in white tea are proven effective in boosting the immune function of skin cells and protecting them against the damaging effects of the sun.
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