About Us

The idea for The Little Bit Co. came shortly after my daughter was born, however, it took close to two and a half years to transpire into the business it is today.

Having worked long hours on mine sites all of my career, I knew that a twelve-hour day was no longer an option for me, with a little family. The normal nine to five, was also not for me. So, in the last two and a half years I've needed to find my new normal.  

Wanting to spend more time at home whilst still keeping my mind engaged, The Little Bit Co. was created. My new normal.

After years of polluting my body with chemicals from all those fancy beauty brands, it was time to re-evaluate. 

Did I need to put that on my skin?

Did I need to ingest that?

Now don’t get me wrong, you won’t see me saying no to a glass of red or a lovely piece of cheese, but it’s the bigger picture. Knowing what we know now about chemicals and what they can do to you. I wanted to provide a store where you can get what you need to live a cleaner life. Where you don’t need to log into this store and that store to buy a range of clean, healthy products for yourself, your family and your home.

Life's short, do what makes you happy and stress less xx